The benefits of Lavender Soap

Lavender :

It contains 100% pure Lavender essential oil (not synthetic Lavender oil). Lavender essential oil has been used since ancient times for it’s many benefits.

a) The Latin name of lavender is Lavender, which means “to wash”, due to its aroma which has a particularly clean aroma.

b) Disinfect the outer part of our body, specially the skin and scalp.

c) Enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems.

d) It’s aroma eliminates nervous tension.


Speciality of Locus Pariwar’s soap :-

1. Grade -1 Soap : It contains 76% T.F.M. It is the highest grade in soap.

2. Contains no Animal Fat : Locus Pariwar’s all soaps are 100% vegan. We use only skin friendly vegetable oils as a fat in our soap. The oils are very pure and edible and very beneficial for any types of skin.

3. Handmade Cold Process : We make our soap only by handmade cold process. By handmade process we convert fresh ingredients(Vegetable oils, Herbal extracts, Fruit pulps, Flower petals) into soap less than 2 hours(It's not possible in machine-made process). We use only cold process to maintain the herbal ingredients' highest nutritional value. Because the heat process destroys the nutritional value of the herbal ingredients.

4. No Mineral Oil : Contains no Mineral oil/Paraffin or any type of synthetic oil.

5. No Harmful Chemicals : Contains no harmful synthetic chemicals.

6. Fresh Herbals : We collect and use many types of fresh herbal extracts in our soap. Fresh herbal extracts are very beneficial for our body and skin.

7. Perfume : We use only pure essential oil and herbal extract to create a good aroma in our soap. Contains no synthetic or harmful perfume.

8. Preservative : Contains no preservative (Preservatives are very harmful for our body and skin). Well processed handmade cold process soap does not need preservative.


M.R.P Rs. 40/-  (90gm)


Speciality of Locus
Handmade Soap

(76% TFM : Grade 1) :