Ylang Ylang [AROMA] (Hair Oil : Type 1)

Locus Pariwar has launched ‘Keshpusti - AROMA’ pure Ylang Ylang hair oil.

Ylang Ylang means "Flower of Flowers'. It is a yellow coloured flower of Cananga tree and highly appreciated in perfumery and aroma therapy.It is blessing in disguise for many health problems and has been used since ancient times. 'Keshpusti-Aroma Ylang Ylang hair oil' is made by pure essential oil of Ylang Ylang flower to make an aromatherapy effect on body and mind.Free from any types of harmful chemicals like mineral oil, paraben or preservatives.

Benefits :

Promote hair growth, Reduce panic, Tension or anxiety, Restore sexual desire, Reduce sleeplessness.


M.R.P Rs. 150/-  (100ml)


Speciality of Locus
Keshpusti AROMA
Ylang Ylang
(Hair oil : Type 1) :

5 in 1 Hair Solutions.


Stress, Insomnia,
Aphrodisiac, Refresh
Mind, Hair Growth .