Green Magic

Generally a plant needs 3 types of nutrients.
1. Non-mineral nutrients
2. Macronutrients
3. Micronutrients
Green Magic contains all essential micronutrients for most types of plants.

Speciality of Green Magic :

1.Complete source of plant’s micronutrients.
2.Highly concentrated (mixing ratio,1ml Green Magic : 1lt water)
3.Cost effective
4.Foliar spray
5.Easy to use
6.Cost effective

Ingredients and their benefits :

1.Boron :
Essential of germination of pollon grains and growth of pollen tubes 
Essential for seed and cell wall formation 
Promotes maturity 
Necessary for sugar translocation 
Affects nitrogen and carbohydrate

2.Copper : Catalyzes several plant processes
Major function in photosynthesis
Major function in reproductive stages
Indirect role in chlorophyll production
Increases sugar content
Intensifies color
Improves flavor of fruits and vegetables

3.Chloride : Enhances maturity of small grains on some soils Aids plant metabolism.

4.Iron : Promotes formation of chlorophyll
Acts as an oxygen carrier
Reactions involving cell division and growth

5.Manganese : Functions as a part of certain enzyme systems
Aids in chlorophyll synthesis

6.Zinc : Aids plant growth hormones and enzyme system
Necessary for chlorophyll production
Necessary for carbohydrate formation
Necessary for starch formation
Aids in seed formation

Direction of Use :

Mix 1ml Green Magic in 1 lt water and use it as a foliar spray. (For more information contact with your nearest distributor)


M.R.P Rs. 120/-  (100ml)


Speciality of Locus
Green Magic :
Growth Stimulant