Sick-causing germs like to live on the floor of our room, kitchen, bathroom. Almost everything we do can create germs in our house – touching door knobs and countertops, taking off shoes, scratching hair, using the toilet and eating dinner also can create germs. However, by continuously cleaning our home with a quality disinfectant, we can kill most germs and keep our family healthy.

Market’s many disinfectants are Toxic, so It is not always safe to use those at home.

Speciality of Citropine :

1.Floor Cleaner





6.Herbal ingredients

7.Highly Concentrated (15 times powerful than market’s White Phenyl)



10.Waterless (Market’s White Phenyl contains, 1 part ingredients : 14 parts water)

Ingredients and their benefits :

Pine : Pine oil is a natural disinfectant,sanitizer,microbicide,fungiside and insecticide.

Citronella : Citronella is an antibacterial,antidepressant,antiseptic,deodorant,fungicidal and a very strong insect-repeller.

Lemongrass : Lemongrass is an antidepressant,antibacterial,fungcidal,antiseptic and insect-repeller.

Eucalyptus : It solves respiratory problems,creates a refreshing effect in mind and a natural pesticide

Neem : Natural pesticide,fungicide and germicide.

Camphor : Camphor is an excellent antiseptic,disinfectant,insecticide and germicide.

Direction of Use :

Dilute 1ml Citropine in 1lt water and mop one the floor of room, kitchen, bathroom or use as conveninent.


M.R.P Rs. 150/-  (200ml)


Speciality of Locus
Citropine :
Concentrated (15 times
powerful than market’s
White Phenyl).


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